Hello & Welcome

01 Introduction

Hello and a very warm welcome to preparing for a writing retreat. My name is Catherine Pope and I've helped thousands of researchers to reach their writing goals. Here's what we're going to cover in this short course. First of all, I'll help you plan a piece of writing. This will give you a structure so you can make a flying start on the day.

[00:00:23] Then we'll look at getting your materials ready. What do you need easy access to to help you keep going with your writing? Then I will share with you three strategies for improving your productivity, to turn you into a writing machine. And connected with that, we'll also look at eliminating some distractions, because of course, it feels like there's an enormous conspiracy at the moment to stop us from doing any writing.

[00:00:48] Finally, and most importantly, I'll also get you to think about how you can look after yourself. Because if we look after ourselves, then we perform much better. Okay. Let's get started.